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Zitra Pesado

You make all the money; wouldn’t it be great to watch it grow?

With Zitra Pesado, you can now build your favorable retirement savings, accumulate wealth over time and fund your projects without worry. Cool right? Invest a minimum of N100,000 and earn high returns.

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Zitra Primero

If you want to get serious with investments, then this is for you. Take charge and smash your financial goals by funding your account daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. It’s more than saving for rainy days, it’s building confidence on your terms. We’ll be here to guide you throughout your journey and reward your little steps.

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The Zitra Advantage

Still wondering why you should choose us? Have a look.

  • We have simplified investments for you and made it easier for every one to come on board
  • You can earn juicy returns on any investment plan; that’s more value for your money
  • We invest your money in highly trusted financial instruments. Trust us when we say your money is safe with us.
  • We guarantee the payment of your returns at the maturity date. No stories.
  • Get quick real-time support and financial advice from our trusted financial experts.
  • Competitive interest rates